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Camping Gear Essentials Emergency Supplies

By American Patriots Dec 17, 2022

Camping Gear Essentials Emergency Supplies


When you are going camping, there are a few things that need to be included in your camping gear when it comes to emergency supplies. Emergency supplies are things like flares, flare gun, flashlights, extra batteries, first aid kits, radio. Having emergency supplies will probably never be needed, if you are lucky but making sure that you have them insures that even if you are not lucky you are well prepared. Being well prepared is essential to make sure that emergencies are not as bad as they could be. You can either prepare an emergency supplies kit yourself or you can purchase ready-made kits that contain everything you need.

Things to consider placing in an emergency supply kit are ready to eat meals; these can be purchased online or from your local camping, or army navy store. Other things to consider are purified drinking water, equipment to purify additional water supplies. You might want to consider in addition to batteries, flare gun, flares and radio, a blanket, breathing protection, a tarp for shelter in case your tent is lost, or you end up lost away from your base camp.

Another important thing to carry in an emergency pack is something to communicate with a whistle, or radio with a decent range and the ability to switch to monitored channels. They even make emergency beacons, which attach to clothing that gives off something similar to a homing signal, which allows rescuers to locate you easily. These are all things that should be considered in an emergency supplies kit.

There should be enough food and water set aside to last at least three days. These items can certainly mean the difference between surviving with little issues and ending up with major ones if you happen to be lost during camping or run into bad weather. It is also a good idea in addition to having an emergency kit to check in with rangers in charge of the area and let them know you will be out, where you are planning on going and check in when you are back.



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