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Compact Solutions For Emergency Food Sources

By American Patriots Oct26,2023

Survival Fishing Kits Compact Solutions for Emergency Food Sources

Many survivalists cling to the hope that fishing will provide food in an SHTF scenario; however, without appropriate gear fishing is simply not a realistic possibility.

Some individuals improvise survival fishing kits out of soda can tabs, safety pins and dental floss; however, these makeshift tools may not prove effective during an emergency situation. A quality survival fishing kit should contain reel, fishing line and hooks.


Survival fishing kits can be invaluable tools for those planning any prolonged outdoor excursions. Used properly, they can help trap small game, catch frogs or fish for food in addition to gathering edible plants in emergency situations. There are numerous kits on the market but making your own can be even more cost-effective – making sure that prepper survivalists remain prepared!

Though you could create a primitive fishing pole out of sticks in an emergency situation, using a hand reel is much simpler and can easily fit in your bug out bag, backpack or emergency go-bag. Not to mention its lightweight, compact nature that has been field tested!

Survival fishing kits often contain low-grade line and lures. To prevent this from happening to yourself, create your own survival fishing kit using components that you know you can trust.

Your survival fishing kit must begin with a container. An altoids tin is an ideal option as its rigid surface protects it from sharp hooks. In addition, you will need some fishing line and some swivels for keeping it from becoming tangled up; additionally, include some sinkers as these are essential in getting bait down into the depths of water.


Fishing can provide much-needed sustenance in times of crisis or while waiting for help to arrive. Furthermore, fishing provides an activity to occupy your time while waiting.

Though there are various methods of making do with soda can tabs or safety pins as fishing hooks in the wilderness (such as soda can tabs or safety pins), high-quality metal hooks provide better performance, as they won’t break or wear out quickly. At minimum 50 feet of monofilament line tested to 10 or 20 pounds is suggested to ensure optimal success when fishing for trout in this region.

Since line can easily become knotted in the wild, swivels are an invaluable way to prevent knotted lines and make attaching lures much simpler. These small barrel- or ball-bearing swivels will stop knots forming while making attachment easier.

Floats and bobbers are optional but extremely useful survival fishing accessories. Not only can these small floating objects help identify bait, they’re also great at keeping lines above water’s surface to counterbalance heavy bait or hold fishing rigs securely in place – make sure your survival fishing kit includes various sizes of these essential tools!


Fishing is both an enjoyable recreational activity and essential survival skill, providing protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals for consumption. The Vigilant Trails Survival Fishing Kit Stage-1 comes equipped with all of the gear required for successful angling expeditions with minimal effort required from you.

An essential component of any successful fishing set is a quality hook. Be sure to carry multiple sizes so you can adapt to whatever situation presents itself, including some baitless hooks for catching birds, rodents and turtles.

Fish hooks should only be used with durable line; nylon is a good option as it is less likely to break than other forms. In order to attract the fish, bait will also be necessary; you can use various items such as coins or sticks as hook bait, though lures will likely prove more successful.

Rule the Wasteland Deluxe Survival Fishing Kit is an ideal choice, offering all you need for successful fishing in an easily portable tin. This set features everything you’ll need for success including hand reel with pre-spooled line, sinkers, floats, swivels, 10 laser sharp fishing hooks and artificial bait – as well as a fishing guide and personal first aid kit!


A good survival fishing kit should include lures designed to attract different fish species in any environment, depending on time of day and season. Jigs or bait tailored specifically to its location may also be included as necessary.

Not to be taken for granted, most pre-made survival fishing kits typically consist of low quality line and an assortment of low quality hooks which will likely prove useless under real life or death circumstances. To maximize survival fishing kit efficiency, the ideal survival fishing kits should consist of higher grade line as well as circle hooks (such as Gamakatsu circlular worm hooks) which don’t require strong hook sets to catch fish.

Trot lines and limb lines are passive fishing methods which require minimal effort, yet can attract plenty of fish without making too many casts. An auto reel may also help maximize efficiency in your time with survival fishing by replacing rod & reel with one device that operates automatically.


Fish are one of the best sources for protein, Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins as well as providing other essential nutrients.

Though makeshift hooks made out of soda can tabs or safety pins and lines composed of torn clothing or dental floss might do the trick in an emergency situation, having more reliable gear that actually catches fish is essential to success.

Survival fishing kits that include durable containers like tin or plastic cylinders provide all of the essential items required for fishing success. In addition, lures should also be included to tempt fish into biting more easily and help anglers catch more.

Sinkers should be included in any survival fishing kit to help get bait into the desired depth and prevent the line from becoming tangled. At least 12 sinkers should be included.

Your survival fishing kit should include some swivels. These will help to prevent your lines from getting tangled up when fishing multiple lines at once.


Swivels are essential pieces of gear in any survival fishing kit, preventing lines from tangling and making casting and reeling much simpler. Swivels also make it possible to catch more than fish, such as birds or rodents.

A quality swivel should be built to last and feature precision engineering so nothing slips through or gets stuck, available from most hardware stores.

Fish can provide essential protein and Omega-3 fatty acid sources in an emergency, so having the equipment needed to catch them is a valuable addition to your emergency food storage plan. A survival fishing kit makes an excellent addition.

Store ready-to-eat canned food such as beans, fruit, potatoes, rice and pasta that can be consumed directly or heated in a fire or over an open flame. Consider stockpiling food that contains essential nutrients like sardines or canned salmon. You should also include some jerky as part of your supply – military and camping supplies stores often sell this type of product.


Fishing can be an invaluable way of finding sustenance during a survival situation, and many preppers include fishing kits in their Bug Out Bags as a solution. While fishing kits may come in handy, it should not be considered your sole source of sustenance; fishing requires time, skill and requires knowledge about wild edible plants in your region.

Most survival fishing kits typically only include hooks and line. Although you could construct your own rig with sticks and twine, doing it yourself takes more effort and will take longer. A yo-yo reel can be attached to a fishing rod for added efficiency while you perform other tasks simultaneously.

Some survival kits also include floats and bobbers, which is great. But it’s essential that you know which species of fish reside where you plan on bugging out to ensure you select an appropriate hook size for them. Furthermore, consider including lightweight jig head hooks for fishing for worms or grubs that won’t easily kink your line.

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