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The truth is that nobody is entirely aware of the precise issues that might develop during a major, all-encompassing emergency. The best thing a person can do is force himself to be ready for anything that might occur.

The following are some pointers, counsel, and suggestions to help you adequately prepare for an emergency. The following information is from the Red Cross’ emergency service in California.

Life is water, and water is life.

Try to maintain a water supply that would be sufficient to last for between three and seven days, with a gallon of water per person per day.

Plastic storage containers should be used for water. Additionally, be sure to have purification tablets and filters on hand for when they are required.

Store food for your family and yourself.

Food that is less likely to spoil should be kept on hand for you and your family, and there should be enough of it to last you, your loved ones, and your pets for three days to a week.

Canned goods, powdered juices, boxed vegetables, and food are a few examples of these foods.

Have a backup plan

Having a cooking source other than the standard electric stove you may be accustomed to is always a good idea.

If the electricity goes out or gas runs out, the best course of action is to have a barbecue stove or a propane stove ready.

If you do decide to use propane, make sure the tank is completely full and that you have access to an additional propane tank.

Gather clothing

Have a ready supply of sleeping bags, as well as clothing for you and your children.

Gather wood

A steady supply of high-quality wood is also a good idea because it can be used for stoves and fireplaces that burn wood.

Bring a light.

The one thing you absolutely must have, especially in an emergency, is a flashlight. Try to think about using hand-cranked devices as well as solar-powered rechargers. This will eliminate any potential battery-related worries in the future.

store prescription drugs

Try to keep any filled prescriptions for you or a member of your family as long as you can. Additionally, make an effort to keep a backup supply of both prescription and over-the-counter medications.

To request a prescription refill, speak with your doctor in advance.

possess some cash and gas

Unless there is an emergency, credit is good. Try to keep some cash on hand in case your bank’s system or the ATMs go down.

Additionally, it is best if you keep your car’s gas tank half full. To avoid the lengthy lines at gas stations, do this.

own books

It might be a good idea to keep some books and board games on hand during emergencies to keep yourself occupied in the event of a power outage.

Knowing your neighbor

Additionally, it is preferable if you get to know your local neighbors. If the fundamental services are ever slightly interrupted, there may be times when you may need each other’s assistance.

Overall, being prepared is the best defense against any unforeseen circumstances that an emergency may bring.


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