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The Basic Guide to Emergency Civil War Preparation

The pursuit of world supremacy by the major powers has made peace an elusive dream for the entire planet. It appears that every strong country has a hidden nuclear arsenal that is ready to go should another superpower decide to declare its own nuclear capability.

While everyone should be concerned about a third world war, which will undoubtedly be short given the use of nuclear weapons by all powerful nations, people also need to be ready for something that is already brewing.

Every person concerned about the safety of his community should consider the risk of a civil war breaking out in almost any nation. This risk should not only be considered by world leaders and the church.

Some nations, like Africa, have grown numb to conflict, including civil wars, to the point where they can no longer predict when it will occur again. More than 25 million Africans have been displaced by war, and the majority of these people reside in evacuation camps without even the children having access to a proper roof.

As with any war, the American Civil War could have killed a lot of people and hurt a lot of people, especially helpless young people. During every civil war, both soldiers and civilians break the law and hurt people’s rights.

Every Civil War that has ever occurred in the world has left such a tragic legacy. Consider the following: four million people from the Sudan have been displaced; more than two million people have died; more than 70 million Ethiopians are undernourished; and millions more are suffering in Somalia and Ethiopia. Civil war looks like this, and everyone needs to be ready in case it happens.

No matter what type of emergency may occur, every family should develop an emergency plan. If they don’t want to experience separation, suffering, and death in the government-designated evacuation camps, they shouldn’t rely on their governments.

Families should think about taking survival courses, which may teach them how to defend themselves and use guns. Gun shooting can be a family activity, but kids should be warned about the risks associated with regular gun use.

A family would do better to put together an emergency first aid kit that includes the essential medications for common illnesses. A family, on the other hand, should have a safety kit with the necessary medications for lifesaving and maintenance in the event of a special illness such as diabetes or asthma.

People who live in areas that are prone to civil war and other emergencies should also pack a special kit that includes basic supplies like soap, canned goods, maps, all-purpose knives, and sturdy shoes for family members.

Take everything that is important but leave only the bare necessities behind because if a civil war breaks out, there is a chance that the family will be uprooted and forced to spend weeks or even months traveling to avoid the violence.

Getting ready for a civil war is not the same as asking for trouble or hoping it will happen. Instead, it makes sure that the family is more likely to survive a disaster. Being prepared for any emergency is always preferable; if nothing happens, who cares if the family spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the emergency kit? All of it was worthwhile.


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