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What are the Three Types of Defense?

By American Patriots Dec 14, 2022

The word defense is derived from the Latin word ‘defendere’ which means to protect. Defense is defined as the action or process of protecting yourself or someone else from being harmed or attacked. The concept of defense is simple, but the way to defend yourself and the tactics that you use to defend yourself vary from person to person.

Defending yourself is a common part of everyday life. It can be something as simple as walking home safely or protecting yourself from danger at work. In most cases, it is something that we have to learn how to do. The word defense is used in the context of military. However, the word defense is also used in the context of personal security. We will talk about it in the next paragraph.

As a matter of fact, defense is considered to be an essential part of a society. People like to be protected from harm and it is a very natural human instinct. As long as someone is defending themselves from harm, they are acting responsibly. The way people defend themselves varies from person to person.

Defense is a complex concept and it has different meanings to different people. In most cases, it is used in the context of military, where it is defined as the action or process of protecting oneself or another person against attack.

There are three different types of defense strategies. They are self defense, offensive and defensive strategies.


This is the first type of defense that you learn when you are a kid. When you play with other kids, you will observe that they fight against each other. The reason behind it is to scare the other person, but it also depends on the situation.

Self-defense is one of the basic elements of street fighting. It involves different kinds of attacks, such as punching, kicking, grabbing, and striking. If you are defending yourself, you need to make sure that you use the right techniques. The most important thing about self-defense is that you need to know how to deal with the situation.

In order to become a better fighter, you need to learn several types of self-defense. You will learn some fighting techniques in the next section. You need to practice those techniques so that you can use them if the situation arises

If you are playing in the school playground, then it is considered as a form of self-defense. If you are playing in the park, it is not a form of self-defense.

It is also important to note that this kind of defense is used against an individual. If you are facing multiple opponents, then you need to use more complicated techniques to protect yourself.


The second type of defense is the offensive strategy. Here, you are looking to harm or kill the opponent, and this is the most common technique used by people in the battlefield. If you see a knife in the hands of the enemy, then you can’t just stay and watch. You need to defend yourself and save your life.

If the person is attacking you with a knife, it would be advisable to try to grab the knife and stab him back. This could be done by using an offensive technique. The first thing you need to do is to block the attacker’s arm or hand, which is holding the knife.

Then, use a defensive technique. Don’t attack the hand, but rather the wrist or forearm. In this way, the attacker’s weapon will be at a disadvantage and you can take advantage of it. You need to grab his knife, which can be done by taking hold of his wrist or elbow. Once you have grabbed the weapon, you need to thrust it towards the attacker’s body.


This is the third type of defense. It is the most important type of defense as it allows you to stay safe and sound. You should have a defensive strategy to counter any attack on you.

In the army, it is considered a very important technique because it helps you to survive in the battlefield and in the other situations.

The defensive strategy is the best way to stay safe and sound. You should make sure that you develop the right type of defensive strategy for yourself. In order to stay safe and sound, you must have a strategy. You should develop one for yourself so that you know what to do in case of danger. You should think about the most dangerous areas in your home and in the streets. If you know what you should do if you are attacked, you will have the courage to defend yourself and your family. It is important to keep yourself safe at all times. If you aren’t, you might end up losing your life.


So, I hope that you understood the meaning of the three types of defense. The best thing about it is that you can apply it in your daily life to stay safe and secure.


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